Never reveal these 5 personal finance information to anyone

Never reveal these 5 personal finance information to anyone

New Delhi: The digital adoption in India is on the rise due to which the risk of fraud has also risen. The convenience of online banking poses a great threat to your banking and other financial information. Hackers are aware of plenty of tricks to steal your financial data. They may take the help of technology or simply make a call to carry out frauds.

The risk increases even more if you reveal your financial information including credit and debit card details, OTP (one-time-password), ATM PIN, net banking password, etc. to any unauthorised person. Given below are five such financial informations which shouldn’t be revealed or shared at any cost.

1. Never share your credit or debit card details to any unauthorised person. People use their cards for shopping, dining, booking airline tickets and other purposes. Information such as date of expiry, name, card number, etc are printed on the card. Many people know your name but except this information, do not share anything other information. These card details are required while carrying out any online transactions.

2. All the credit and debit cards has a card verification value, known as CVV number, printed on the reverse side of the card. This number serves as the last level of security during digital transactions.

3. Another crucial information is one-time passwords. This a kind of verification code which is sent to your registered mobile number. All the transactions (via card, net banking or e-wallet) require this code to complete the transactions. Therefore, never share your OTP with any unauthorised person. It may be noted, banks and financial institutions never ask OTP from their customers.

4. Credit and debit card PIN (Personal identification numbers) are required at ATMs and PoS (point of sale) machines to withdraw money or complete the transaction. While entering your PIN, make sure that nobody is looking over your shoulder. Always remember that your bank never asks for the PIN, so if anyone calls you up and says that they are from your bank, never disclose your PIN.

5. While using net banking for online transactions, you are required to enter your customer ID (login ID) and passwords. It is advisable to change your net banking password every six months. The password must be a combination of upper, lower case letters, numbers, characters. Never set passwords related to your personal information like date of birth or car number or last digits of your mobile number. These combinations are easily predictable.

Source:- timesnownews