Your Facebook, Whatsapp Will Not Be Linked With Aadhaar

Your Facebook, Whatsapp Will Not Be Linked With Aadhaar

Govt of India has informed the nation that social media users will not be asked to link their Aadhaar with their social media accounts. While replying to a query in Lok Sabha, Information Technology Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad has made it clear that there will be linkage of Aadhaar with social media accounts.

He said, “There is no such proposal with the government for linking Aadhaar with social media accounts of individuals,” The Minister assured one and all, that the very structure of Aadhaar is such, that it prohibits front end users to access the system, and there is absolutely no chance of privacy issues such as data thefts, arising from Aadhaar.

He said, “…the system by intent is blind to the purpose for which Aadhaar may be used at the front end by the resident. Also, the core biometrics is encrypted at the time of enrolment/updation. It is never kept unencrypted and is never shared,”…Read more>>